Monday, 4 June 2007

Cliffton's Arrival

Cliffton Miller is a registered Conemara, born and bred in Ireland he somehow ended up going through the horse auction in Shrewsbury, and I somehow found myself bidding for him (It must have been the saddle and bridle thrown in at the last minute)!!!

He had been described as 4years old, lunged and long reined and ready to back, oh and he had been tried over a jump and showed tremendous scope!!!

I was a bit disapointed to find he had a roached back when I took his saddle off, but it doesn't seem to affect him other that making his action look a bit odd without it.

He loaded into the trailer straight away and tucked into the food in the manger as if he hadn't seen food in a week. I did have trouble getting him in his stable though as we have internal stables and I had chosen one on the right for him only to fibd he had not been taught to lead to the right, only the left.

Cliffton met the rest of the herd in the stables (more on them later) and after a couple of days I put him in a small field with two other geldings, Dan and Murphy. Dan proceeded to chase poor Cliffton over the fence, showing off his jumping ability! Cliffton jumped back only for Dan to chase him out again!! Poor Cliffton spent the next two weeks living in a small paddock next to the others until they could be trusted not to pick on him.

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